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Our Stories

Why do we focus on growing community and supporting food security in Long Beach? Hear firsthand stories from several of our people and volunteers.


Oct. 16th, 2020

Dear Program Director,


l am writing to let you know how very deeply grateful I am for your services. When l called the LBCT
Homebound program, l had just found out that, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, We, as Long Beach
residents were being forced to shut down my partner’s business and to go into quarantine.
I am on full disability and my partner has a micro small business, a barber shop smaller than most studio
apartment bathrooms. We didn’t qualify for any assistance with the business because our income was
so small. We only received one stimuIus check, for my partner because she claimed me on her taxes, We
were in serious trouble! We had no money and no food, and no hope of any income. It was very scary.
My disability income is only $900.00 a month while our apartment costs that much a month.
I have permanent Iung damage from severe asthma and repeated lung infections, which puts me at high
risk for Covid- 19, and my partner is 61 yrs. old with a history of bad lung infections especially during the
annuaI coId and flu season. We are both unabIe to work due to the high risk of infection. This Ieft us
very vulnerable.

We turned to Long Beach Community Table for help in desperation and were SO relieved and grateful
that we couId get help through this program, which brings us fresh produce, Canned goods and frozen
proteins to our door on Sundays! Without this help we would not have been able to Survive.
Thank you so very much. I am so relieved that you have been there for us. We are still in isolation status
due to our high risk for infection with the pandemic. We would not have been able to survive without
your generosity. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My need will be continuing as there seems to
be no other financial relief in sight. The most recent pandemic relief package has been denied by
congress. We are dependent on the kindness of this program. My hope is that the grant money that you
need to stay afloat comes through. There are many more like me throughout Long Beach who are also
immune compromised.

You are angels for us all. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. You are so deeply appreciated.

In deepest gratitude,

Arielle P and Jenoveva M. L

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Imelda F, I have been with the Long Beach Community table for 8

months now. I am tremendously blessed by the support and generosity that they give

my grandma and myself. Before the pandemic I’ve been going through medical issues

and their support has really helped us all around especially now during this difficult

time, Long Beach Community table has fabulous volunteers who take the time and

commitment in helping others. I value what they represent and when I meet others that

need help I direct them to this great non-profit. Thank you for all that you do!



Imelda F

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